Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The New Blind Date

How do you meet people now?

Where do you meet people now?

We may not be meeting for coffee wearing a blue shirt so the person recognizes us, but rather were meeting someone new we recognize from the pics we have exchanged. I think once we get to a certain age, the bar sceene is fun but for meeting people just doesn't happen. People now are taking charge, and making the decision that they want to get more serious and see whats out there.
Meeting people online has become more common, and easier in a way to meet people. Posting a profile of who you are and what you want...and seeing others who have posted the same. People are meeting online, msging, talking on the phone, meeting in person for coffee or drinks, which im calling the new version of the blind date!

So if your out there wondering if you should take the new blind date plunge...

....This single girl says why not!?

1 comment:

  1. oh ya, the bar is the WORST place to meet someone. And I feel the line "it happens when you least expect it..." doesn't really meaning anything. I think online is a GREAT way to connect with people and see how many fish are in the sea.