Sunday, November 15, 2009

Good on Paper....

What's on your list?

Every girl out there has a list of the guy she wants to meet. Many criteria make these lists such as, height, age, rich, job, look, and so on.....Have you met that guy who has all of your requirements?

Or do girls, settle for someone who has some traits on the list and try to create the qualities in their man that they may seem to be lacking.

Well, I will tell you this, I haven't found my list guy yet, I don't know what I am doing wrong.....or is it wrong to have a list?


  1. I think a list creates unrealistic expectations. But at the same time, I for sure have one. I totally agree with your statement about creating the qualities your man lacks....I personally try to do it all the time in my current relationship:). Does it work... sometimes.

    But for someone to change, its not enough if you want them to change THEY need to want to change.

  2. Every girl dreams of the perfect man. But is the list really going to bring us to the perfect man? We create lists in hopes of matching traits to the list. We like to think in an idealist way, but what we have to remember is that we live in a realist world. Maybe its time to face reality to realize that creating a list isnt whats going to get us the perfect man. Girls, its time to rip up the list!

  3. The handsome gentleman in the front/right of the pic satisfies all qualities on my list...

    hubba hubba