Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's on me...

Its your first date, you have gone for drinks, and dinner. Conversation has been going well, no awkward pauses, lots of laughs. It comes to the end of the meal and the server brings the cheque....what do you do?

What is first date etiquette? Do you expect the guy to pay? Should us girls "offer" to pay but really make no real effort to? or do you go dutch and split the meal?

What do you do...we live in a time where girls are equals, however we still like to be treated nice by our question of the day is, first date who pays?


  1. the guy FOR SURE pays. hello first date. Ive heard of stories where the guy doen't even pay for JUST COFFEE...

  2. The guy should fo' sho' pay on the first date...well that's what they said on Degrassi. Life lessons learned from that show.

  3. Equal means F all when it comes to dating and relationships.

    The guy pays
    The guy plans the next date
    The guy romances her with surprises

    Being equal doesn't create the chemicals in a womens body to feel attracted to someone, For most women it isn't just the appearance that counts its the way a man carries himself and respects those around him. the last words any women wants to hear from a man she likes is: So what do you want to do?