Saturday, November 21, 2009

Is it just a number?

We all know that girls mature faster then boys. You can even see on the playground when the little grade 2 girls are already crushing on the older grade 4 boys. When we are in our 20's girls and guys I have found have different outlooks on life and relationships.

For instance, I personally have dated younger then my self. I usually do have the personal outlook that age doesn't matter but apparently in the end it did. We were in two different places in our lives, maturity levels were uneven ....I heard it all.

So I ask you this....does age matter? When we are older and I am 34 and he's 32 I don't think so, but right now at 24 I'm beginning to think it does....


  1. I totally agree. I feel the 20's is a very important time in someones life. Its a time where major life decisions are made. 2-3 years is normal, but 6-7 year difference is too hard in the 20's.

  2. HEY 6-7 years is a okay!

    Younger is good too, age is nothing but a number. Maturity depends more on the person, not his age. Thats my opinion :)

    I sued to think it does, not anymore. Boys will always be boys regardless of age